We live in a fast-moving time: trends and customer requirements are constantly changing and with them the demands on companies to adjust their products and processes.

Successful companies react quickly and flexible to these conditions by taking advantage of software, especially digitization in engineering, design, and production processes.

What’s needed is a state-of-the-art PLM solution that integrates all departments, offering the opportunity to be one step ahead of the competition.

Discover your benefit with PLM software from SAP

SAP software offers the possibility to achieve all business processes in one modern, agile system.

Thinking about digital transformation, Digital Twin, or IoT? These paths are made possible as critical design and production data is always available, in real time, through every step in the company’s product development processes – enabling a true closed loop process.

SAP effectively closes time wasting, profit wasting gaps experienced in a legacy siloed IT landscape. The result is unmatched speed and agility in company-wide engineering change management, business intelligence, production, and more. PLM software from SAP provides companies with all the tools they need to efficiently manage the product lifecycle.

SAP Engineering Control Center as a strategic integration platform

In addition to phenomenal savings in overall operating costs, IT costs are also significantly reduced as interface and IT administration costs are minimized. The PLM process must include the operation of CAD systems, even in the current shift to a model based enterprise. SAP Engineering Control Center makes a legacy PDM system unnecessary and substantially simplifies the company-wide landscape.

What is SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR?

The strategic integration platform for Industry 4.0 is SAP Engineering Control Center. SAP ECTR has a modern, flexible interface enabling data from different source systems to be created, processed, and managed in a central location. The data is merged automatically with materials, bills of materials and other SAP objects to provide company-wide, consistent product data transparency. This integration platform serves as a basis for linking with product relevant processes as well as offering potential for achieving optimal flexibility, timing, costs, and other benefits.

Why SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR?

Fully integrated data

immediate benefit of fully integrated data into your SAP ERP and S/4 system

All CAD data "live" in SAP

for full support of downstream purchase, manufacturing & logistics processes

Reduce scrap

due to wrong material data of external CAD / engineering data

Fully integrated CAD data

within the SAP deployment, leveraging your SAP investment and know-how

Save costs

as no external PDM system needs to be deployed or maintained

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