Optimized product development in electrical engineering

SAP Engineering Control Center interface to EPLAN optimizes the development process in electrical engineering, pneumatics, and hydraulics and enables an integration into PLM processes. Engineers have full access to SAP data, and all objects stored in SAP can be found easily via the template management or the extensive search options. This way, they can plan projects by reusing available objects and dragging them to their circuit diagrams rather than merely make drawings in their EPLAN tool and create circuit plans from scratch. The SAP integration of the EPLAN software supports engineers with versioning and release processes, as well as with protecting sensitive data using access rights. The EPLAN software is available in 19 languages and supports all global standards, thus facilitating cooperation among development teams across sites all over the world.

Full integration of electrical engineering into PLM

The EPLAN integration in SAP ensures a maximum consistency of data. Product models can be complemented in SAP with connection lists, circuit diagrams from electrical engineering and fluid power, plus evaluations made in EPLAN. All of this increases product safety and product quality. Different departments and disciplines can cooperate effectively across sites and on a global level. SAP users from other divisions have access to the data in neutral formats.

This interface has been developed by CIDEON Software & Services, an EPLAN affiliate company.

SAP ECTR interface to EPLAN

Functions of the interface

  • Creating, searching, opening, editing, saving, and storing SAP documents for EPLAN projects
  • Import of EPLAN project files to SAP
  • Visual search support
  • Support of the EPLAN Multiuser operation
  • Versioning, cloning, and copying as new documents
  • Check-in / check-out of all originals and additional files with edit lock of checked-out documents
  • Functions for SAP Material and SAP BOM management: e.g. Create, Assign, Change, and Display
  • Bulk creation of SAP Materials with information from the EPLAN parts database (parts metadata)
  • Automatic creation of both simple and structured BOMs from EPLAN group structures
  • Integrated SAP Engineering Change Management and Collaboration

CIDEON add-ons: automation, optimization, integration

In addition to engineering standard solutions, CIDEON develops numerous enhancements for implementing special customer requirements in SAP ERP / SAP PLM.

CIDEON add-ons are easy-to-use tools with extensive functions that enable optimized processes for common work steps in SAP Document, Material, BOM, and Change Management. The add-ons can be easily integrated into SAP Engineering Control Center. Find out more on the CIDEON website.

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