Product lifecycle management | PLM is becoming more and more challenging. Companies increasingly have to integrate components from electrics, electronics and software to their mechanical products. Although mechatronics is thus getting ever more important for the whole product development, the MCAD and ECAD development teams are still often working in different system landscapes. The consequences are non-transparent stages of development and with that the risk of collisions between MCAD and ECAD development.

Seamless integration of ECAD data into the PLM

SAP ERP / PLM systems are the ideal basis for a holistic solution. They combine data management as well as process management in only one system. This enables communication, information exchange and process control in real time.


Seamless integration of ECAD data into the SAP PLM

Safe and redundancy-free management of ECAD designs and links to other SAP objects

Shorter search times and company-wide access to current ECAD data

Consistent integration of ECAD data into the business processes

Easier data exchange and collaboration across the sites

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