SAP Engineering Control Center interface to Inventor

SAP ECTR Interface to Inventor
With the integration of Inventor into SAP Engineering Control Center, assemblies, parts and drawings, and their dependent documents are seamlessly managed as structures in SAP PLM. All authorized users have access to the originals stored in a central, secure area to monitor the development process or to make changes, which eliminates redundant process steps.
There is no need for a separate product data management (PDM) solution as the functionality of the SAP system fills this gap. Inventor users work in their familiar environment and directly save originals using the integrated ribbon menu. Bidirectional metadata exchange between Inventor and SAP eliminates unnecessary manual data entry.
Assignment of SAP material masters to Inventor assembly structures as well as the automatic creation of multi-level SAP bills of materials happens with the simple push of a button. This guarantees consistent data structures and engineers gain more time for the real design process.

Functions of the interface

  • Deep integration of the CAD system:
    Creation of documents and material masters directly from CAD systems user interface.
  • Concurrent engineering:
    Access to CAD data is coordinated through versioning and status administration in order to enable concurrent engineering without any inconsistencies or loss of data.
  • Security:
    SAP object authorization protects data from unauthorized access. Check-in and check-out assistants secure consistent data sets with checking mechanisms.
  • The simple creation of material masters and material BOMs is possible directly from the structure of the displayed assembly. Engineering data are quickly available to all downstream business processes, such as manufacturing.


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