SAP ECTR Mechatronic solutions integrated seamlessly in SAP

Integrating mechatronics seamlessly in SAP

PLM for mechatronic solutions

Product Lifecycle Management | PLM is becoming increasingly demanding as companies have to integrate more and more components from electronics and software in their mechanical products. So although mechatronics is becoming ever more important for product development, the MCAD and ECAD development teams are still often working in different system landscapes. The consequences are non-transparent stages of development and with that the risk of collisions between MCAD and ECAD development.


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MCAD and ECAD integration in one single platform – just perfect for mechatronic product development

SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR – is an important building block for SAP PLM. As the standard strategic integration platform for all kind of authoring tools it offers the ideal basis for a holistic solution. It integrates MCAD as well as ECAD tools in SAP PLM, with direct access to the SAP system. This makes MCAD and ECAD data available company-wide so that it can be managed more easily and efficiently.

Best for team engineering

All these benefits are also advantageous for team engineering. Not least because SAP PLM synchronizes ECAD data with data from MCAD, firmware and software; it also harmonizes workflows. A platform for data exchange, such as for ECAD-MCAD collision checks, is also included. And, to keep everyone up-to-date, the R&D cockpit offers an updated overall view of all mechatronics products, structures, and interrelationships.

Moreover, there is the embedded viewer, with which you can visualize 2D/3D data independently of your CAD system. All this speeds up coordination and validation. And, on top of that, SAP PLM takes care of BOMs across all disciplines.

Core functions

  • Uniform data model for mechanical and electrical CAD / electronic design, software, structures and processes
  • Creation of mechatronics BOMs
  • Coordinated methods and consistent master data
  • Joint change and configuration management
  • Integration of different authoring systems from mechanical and electrical/electronic design as well as from IT and software development
  • Synchronization of development, production, and logistics

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Single Source of Truth

raises quality and consistency of data


Increased flexibility and speed

to react to market changes


Process security improved

through increased transparency and understandability


Consistent development process

and jointly used standards


Optimum information and knowledge exchange

on the basis of shared data and processes


Cost savings

through collective purchase of components and fewer IT systems


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