Easy collaboration with persons involved in PLM process through SAP ECTR and SAP EPD – Collaboration

To realize complex projects, the collaboration with partners and the assignment of single development steps to third parties is daily practice. For the realization of a holistic development, these parties often need access to their client’s PLM system – which is still a major challenge for many companies.

With the Collaboration Capability of SAP Enterprise Product Development | SAP EPD, SAP provides a platform which enables the creation of defined collaboration areas and allows role-based access to the respective data for the persons involved in the process. The connection of SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR to SAP EPD – Collaboration provides users with a secure and seamless collaboration with structured and unstructured product data.

Your advantages at a glance

Maximum transparency through the creation of a PDF summary of all exported files

Fast import of files with information on new and changed data

SAP ECTR paving the way for SAP cloud solutions

Fast access to SAP EPD Collaboration Folders via the SAP ECTR user interface

Easy data import from SAP EPD – Collaboration to SAP ECTR

Easy data export from SAP ECTR to SAP EPD – Collaboration

Effective data exchange with SAP ECTR and SAP EPD – Collaboration

SAP EPD – Collaboration allows creating folders called “Collaboration Workspaces”. Engineers can directly access them via SAP ECTR, which also facilitates the effective data exchange.

Data export

Via the graphical user interface of SAP ECTR, users can easily export engineering data to SAP EPD – Collaboration. Their partners can then edit the engineering data in their local CAD system and transfer the data back to SAP EPD – Collaboration after completion.

Data import

SAP ECTR automatically displays new and changed data during the import from SAP EPD – Collaboration. This way, external changes are transparent at any time. SAP ECTR does not import unchanged data in order to prevent redundancies.

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