The SAP interface for integrated product development

SAP Engineering Control Center interface to NX is the standardized NX interface for SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR. It provides a seamless connection of CAD, CAM, and CAE systems with Product Lifecycle Management | PLM software from SAP.

The integration enables you to enrich any product information and documents with NX data and to supply product-related business processes with information from Siemens NX – across departments and locations. This way, the entire value chain benefits from the integrated digital product development.

The interface has also a significant benefit for CAD designers: They can access all necessary data and functions of PLM software from SAP directly from their familiar work environment Siemens NX – enabling them to focus on their main goal.

Complete support of Siemens NX functions

Intuitive management of all NX data in SAP – even without deep SAP knowledge

Direct provision of ERP data for the engineering department

Easy access to up-to-date data and information from all departments and locations

Efficient processes through the seamless integration of Siemens NX with SAP

Comfortable access to data and functions of PLM in SAP from a familiar work environment – tailor-made for engineers

Integrative PLM for sustainability and investment security

The connection of all product information and processes along the entire product lifecycle with integrative PLM provides crucial advantages:

  • Cost and time savings because of reusage
  • Easy access to data that is up-to-date, correct, and complete
  • Seamless collaboration in engineering – workarounds become unnecessary
  • Central data management to prevent redundancies and duplicates
  • End-to-end integration of engineering data into the respective business processes
  • Controlled change and release processes
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

Consistent information flow and processes with SAP Engineering Control Center interface to NX in all product development phases

The integration provides access to all necessary data and functions from PLM software from SAP. The cross-departmental usage of product data enables an efficient collaboration between design teams at different locations and with external partners.

With a company-wide acceleration of processes in the entire product development process, a successful commercialization of innovative and high-quality products is possible.

Perfect work environment for users

With SAP ECTR interface to NX, NX data can be managed conveniently in the SAP system without CAD designers having to leave their familiar work environment.

The intuitive user interface is tailor-made for engineers: the core functions of PLM in SAP are directly available in Siemens NX and enable the management of all data in SAP – even without deep SAP knowledge. This way, it is possible to manage, classify and link NX data, either with each other or with SAP objects. Additionally, the integration provides several automation possibilities, for example for completing drawing title blocks with values from the SAP material master and document info record.

SAP ECTR interface to NX
  • Management of parts, assemblies, drawings, part families
  • Management of material master data, bills of material
  • Attribute exchange
  • Support of master model concept
  • Open File
  • Save File
  • Add Component
  • Make Unique
  • Integrated toolbar with functions
  • Context menu in Assembly Navigator: Functions can be executed for the currently selected parts
  • Completely customizable toolbar, menu, and context menu
  • Comfortable creation, change, search, and display of documents
  • Secure and controlled storage of NX models in the SAP system
  • Easy linking of CAD documents to other SAP objects
  • Facilitating classification via SAP class system
  • Quick finding of NX models with search functions of SAP class system
  • Handling large assemblies with simple load rules
  • Comfortable management of part families
  • Synchronization of attributes and expressions between Siemens NX and the SAP system
  • Automatic labeling of the drawing title block with values from the document and material
  • EBOM generation
  • Generation and storage of lean formats in the SAP system
  • Data consistency check
  • Creation of previews
SAP ECTR interface to NX


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