CENIT SAP PLM Foundation enables professional integration of Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 in the SAP Engineering Control Center.

CENIT’s integration solution for CATIA V5 allows businesses to optimize their development processes and ensures that design and data management tasks work together smoothly. The seamless integration of DASSAULT SYSTEMES CATIA V5 enables designers to use SAP PLM easily and successfully without the need of extensive training. Time-consuming activities are streamlined by special menus in CATIA, automation routines and application features that are optimized for common engineering tasks.

With its intuitive, modular and scalable user interface, the SAP Engineering Control Center is the future of multi-CAD integration for SAP PLM. The solution consolidates data and functions from a wide range of applications on a single platform. SAP Engineering Control Center is part of the SAP integration strategy for authoring tools and ensures that all CAD applications are integrated in a harmonized way throughout the value chain.

CENIT offers the sole product in the worldwith SAP Premium Qualification that integrates the SAP Engineering Control Center and CATIA. As a development partner of DASSAULT SYSTEMES and SAP, CENIT regularly coordinates its development plans for CATIA V5 and SAP integration with its partners’ development plans.

Functions of the CATIA V5 integration in SAP ECTR

  • Transfer of SAP Engineering Control Center functions into the CENIT toolbar
  • CAD document management directly from the CENIT toolbar in CATIA
    • Creation of new documents
    • Versioning of documents with integrated SAP change control in CATIA
    • Synchronization of attributes and parameters between CATIA and SAP
    • Import CATIA structures into SAP
    • Cloning of CATIA parts and assembly structures
    • Exchange of CATIA objects
  • Managing and accessing templates/start models in SAP directly from CATIA

The CENIT SAP PLM Foundation bundles the CATIA V5 – SAP ECTR integration with essential process support. The scalable and risk-reduced package aims at ensuring an efficient and flexible organization of your engineering processes. Process supports of the CENIT SAP PLM Foundation are, for example, collaboration functions for collaboration in a worldwide network or process automatisms that optimize engineering processes and reduce error susceptibility.

The CENIT SAP PLM Foundation enables fast installation and transition. Based on 25 years of SAP PLM expertise from CENIT, specific use cases and preconfigured process templates have been defined. The early involvement of users strengthens user acceptance and maintains project motivation in the long-term.

Benefits of CENIT SAP PLM Foundation

Process efficiency and flexibility

thanks to interdisciplinary integration of CATIA to SAP and usage of latest data according to the single-source-of-truth principle

Long-term security

since a later switch to SAP S/4HANA only requires minor customization in SAP ECTR

Risk minimization

thanks to professional migration of existing data and process support

User acceptance

thanks to user involvement at an early stage and problem-free operation

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SAP ECTR interface to CATIA V5


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