Native access to ECAD engineering data on business process level

SAP Engineering Control Center interface to Zuken allows a bidirectional exchange of material master data and documents, as well as CAD data and product structure information for Zuken’s electronic and electrical engineering systems CR-8000/DS-CR and E3.series/DS-E3 with SAP S/4HANA.

With this bidirectional integration, the data and metadata generated in Zuken’s systems CR-8000 (electronics) and E3.series (electrical engineering) can be used in their latest version in SAP S/4HANA for department-wide and company-wide business processes, such as concurrent engineering, module management, configuration management, component management, as well as change and release management.

This means that it is possible to access data, metadata, libraries, and bills of material of the authoring tools CR-8000 and E3.series by Zuken directly from the SAP environment. Workflows and change processes can be triggered and controlled from both SAP and Zuken.

The integration software is SAP-certified and therefore an SAP price list product.

SAP ECTR interface to Zuken

Supported workflows

Creation and exchange of part master data

Either in the Zuken or SAP system

Release of approved parts and blocking of discontinued parts

Either in Zuken or SAP

Exchange of manufacturing data, metadata, and bills of material

Between Zuken and SAP

Creation and alignment of product structures

Either in Zuken or SAP

Integration and control of workflows and change processes

Either on Zuken or SAP side

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