True collaboration between mechanical and electronic design teams

Accidental file overwrite, wrong parts ordered, or printed circuit boards that do not fit the available installation space? Such errors will no longer happen if you integrate your ECAD tools for PCB design into SAP PLM.

SAP Engineering Control Center interface to ECAD covers the essential requirements of PCB design engineers for product data management. The direct integration relieves PCB development from many time-consuming routine tasks, such as transferring data to SAP PLM or managing ECAD projects.

Important functions for users

Item-based comparison with previous BOM version in SAP PLM

Automatic version control of the designs

EBOM creation including the checking of part

Handling of variants

Synchronization of parts management among ERP, PLM, and ECAD systems

Conversion of projects to neutral file formats

Creation of complete production data

Efficient work in the familiar environment

The software is implemented as a plug-in within the navigation bar of the ECAD tool. So the engineering teams can manage the data in SAP PLM by using their familiar CAD environment.

With only one click, they can synchronize the technical part attributes in the parts library with those in SAP PLM. This is always possible for single parts and for defined groups of parts, either manually or using batch processes. Additionally, the engineering team can add business-relevant data, for example suppliers, delivery time, and prices, to facilitate the selection of items.


Enhanced data transparency and consistency

seamless exchange of product data among different types of CAD systems, SAP PLM, and SAP ERP

Faster development cycles

elimination of time-consuming routine tasks, such as manual data synchronization and editing

Synchronized processes

possibility to involve follow-on processes early into the project, for example purchasing, production, and logistic

Enhanced collaboration

easier communication between different departments based on valid data

Foundation for a holistic mechatronic product model

SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR, the standard integration platform for authoring tools of all kind, is the ideal basis for creating a holistic mechatronics solution. SAP ECTR integrates MCAD and ECAD systems and software into SAP PLM, and provides direct access to SAP ERP. This way, the product data is available company-wide and can be managed more easily and efficiently.

All data and processes in only one user interface

The SAP ECTR user interface provides a great user experience. A complete overview of all current mechatronics projects and the related project structures is available. The development teams can map cross-disciplinary relations and organize the documents according to their needs. Easy access to documents and document reuse are ensured. The embedded viewer shows 2D / 3D data independently from the authoring system used.

A central SAP-controlled release and change management coordinates and synchronizes all relevant data and processes across various development disciplines. All product data is centrally managed in the SAP system – an essential prerequisite for increased efficiency and security in the development processes.

SAP ECTR interface to ECAD


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