Heidelberger Druck

Heidelberger Druck continues to rely on ECTR

Mapping processes of technical documentation with SAP PLM and Engineering Control Center – from creating documents to translation and publication: that’s exactly what the leading international partner for the printing industry, Heidelberger Druck-maschinen AG (Heidelberg) does. With ECTR from DSC, the company integrated its MS-Windows-based publishing tool HeiDoc in SAP PLM years ago – in order to manage the multilingual customer documentation plus spare parts catalogs securely, efficiently and transparently using the SAP system. For a long time, the same ECTR version had been used, but MS Windows and SAP versions had in the meantime changed. This made it more and more difficult to keep the integrated HeiDoc solution going. So in the end they decided to upgrade the Integration 2016: with ECTR 4.6.