CROSS·POINT | Document Searches Have Never Been Quicker and Easier in SAP


Our new web application offers maximum search performance, outstanding usability!

The new DSC solution CROSS·POINT makes time-consuming searches in SAP a thing of the past.

CROSS·POINT delivers search results for more than one million documents in less than a second!

This modern web application enables a fast and reliable search and display of documents, their originals and their classification in SAP using a state-of-the-art, efficient web-based GUI.

CROSS·POINT runs in the web browser, saving any additional installation. Even better, you can use the search technology of CROSS·POINT directly in SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR.
The search engine runs in the background and SAP ECTR displays the results in an object list – faster than you can say “CROSS·POINT”.

Curious? Learn more about our new highly tuned search engine here:

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